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Fiber Optic Couplings and adaptors

F-SMA coupling for FO connector simplex
F-ST coupling with flange, fixing nut and lock washer, zirconia sleeve
Coupling for FO connector HFBR4501/4511
HFBR Coupling for FO connector simplex & duplex with latching for HFBR4503/4513/4516
TOCA150 coupling for FO connector F-05 resp. TOCP155K
TOCA250 coupling for FO connector TOCP255K (duplex)
FC coupling multi-mode, brass sleeve
FC coupling single-mode, zirconia sleeve
F-SMA female/F-ST female coupling multi-mode
FC coupling single-mode, zirconia sleeve
Clamp coupling for POF-Cable 1/2.2mm
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