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Fiber Optic M12 Transceiver 1300nm, 125MBit/s with I²C Interface

The M12 Transceiver is designed to suit applications with 50/125µm and 62.5/125µm multi-mode glass optical fiber.
An I2C interface enables the monitoring and management of the trancseiver.

Data rate 125MBit/s
Wavelength 1300nm
Opertating voltage +3.3V power supply
Optical port M12
Housing type
metal housing
Dimensions 23 x 23 x 22 mm (LxWxH)
Suitable for

9322S022S3001 M12 System connector pre-mounted with 50/125µm GOF contacts

9322S022S2001 M12 System connector pre-mounted with 200/230µm PCF contacts

9322S022S1001 M12 System connector pre-mounted with 1/2.2mm POF contacts
Ordering information 905TR130M1201
Additional Information


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